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    PHOENIX 3000 – X-Ray

    System for Hand Surgery

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    The Phoenix 3000 is designed to replace a conventional hand surgery table, whilst boosting functionality by utilising an integrated X-ray system.

    The Phoenix 3000 X-Ray System is the revolutionary way to capture hand images. Having an all-in-one, compact and reliable X-ray system is cost-effective, gives surgeons more room in the operating room and improves capacity utilisation due to shorter intervention times.

    Featuring a support arm to accommodate the X-ray source and an image receptor built-into the table top. The Phoenix 3000 makes the whole process hassle-free for both the patient and the surgeon. With the help of a laser targeting device, it’s easy to align the X-ray system’s motor-driven generator/dictator assembly with the imaging object.

    One of the biggest benefits of the Phoenix 3000 X-Ray System is its increased radiation protection. Thanks to the integrated copper pre-filter, it’s able to bring skin dose reductions of up to 30%, while the innovative optimised software algorithm ensures it provides brilliant image quality every time.

    From a convenience side of things, the Phoenix 3000 X-Ray System only requires a one-time set-up and has a motorised vertical adjustment of the table to make positioning easy for the surgeon. It also has handy LED lighting at the bottom of the generator support arm for clear working, while the table orientation can be positioned differently depending on the patient’s arm length.

    In addition, surgeons will no longer have to constantly move around a separate imaging unit as well, which preserves sterility and decreases the risk of infections to the patient.


    • One time set up
    • Flexible Table Orientation
    • Ideal working position for the surgeon
    • Handing workplace lighting
    • Sterile Covers

    Other notable features of this revolutionary hand X-ray system is its smart multifunctional foot control and its precise field of view (FOV) of the region of interest (ROI), which cuts out the need to reposition the fluoroscopic field.

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