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    GE Voluson S10

    Voluson ™ S10 –Your Standards Beyond Your Expectations

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    Extraordinary capabilities for your imaging needs

    The range of women’s healthcare needs is broad. From maternal and fetal health to gynecological care, the Voluson™ S10 will ensure your practice is ready for any patient and any complexity. Voluson’s extraordinary image quality, advanced clinical tools, and intelligent workflow enable high quality, efficient care, even under demanding conditions. The Voluson S10 offers expert capabilities to expand your clinical capabilities and your practice, to build a healthier community.

    Precise clinical decisions through exceptional image quality across a wide range women’s health applications

    Image smarter with increased power for easy acquisition and processing of advanced imaging formats and applications

    • More confidence: Outstanding, detailed image quality, automated measurement tools and easy to use volume 3D/4D modes help you with quick and reliable acquisition of reproducible results to diagnose problems with more confidence.
    • More image information: The large Voluson S10 monitor displays 98% more image information than previous Voluson Signature Series models, allowing you to see more for increased diagnostic confidence, speed and comfort.
    • Greater workflow speed: The user interface, in particular the large touchscreen, supports intuitive handling so that you can focus on your patient.
    • More scanning efficiency: Four active probe ports provide easy access to ultra-lightweight probes at the touch of a button.

    Voluson S10: Advanced ergonomics – from panel to ports

    10.1’’ touch panel

    Simplifies workflow with the responsiveness of a PC tablet

    Intuitive design

    And TGC setting with a swipe. Activate functions with a touch. Easy and familiar

    One button control

    To adjust the control panel’s vertical and horizontal position for optimal ergonomics


    Automatically optimises depth compensation with one keystroke

    Four active probe ports

    Saving time with instant readiness of all connected probes

    Voluson S10 – Advancing the Possibilities

    In spite of all time constraints, you can satisfy the growing patients’ demand for information and advice, assisted by cutting-edge technologies for diagnosing.

    Built on the powerful Voluson Core Architecture, Voluson S10 delivers superb imaging quality, impressively realistic 3D images and innovative additional functions to support your workflow. The system provides you with reliable information for your clinical decisions, especially for reliable information needed for difficult and sensitive cases. Voluson S10’s architecture is based on innovative hardware and software components, already proven in premium-segment systems:

    Advanced image processing algorithms:

    • Using a virtual light source, HDlive™ delivers a focused light and shadow effect, helping provide images with exceptional anatomical realism.
    • Advanced VCI with OmniView displays curved structures in form of a geometric view, without distorting the real dimensions.

    23” widescreen LED monitor:

    This high-definition monitor delivers 98% more image information than the previous Voluson Signature Series monitor. Images come to life, are more vivid and you can see tiny details more clearly. The layout is customisable and you can view measurement data and images side-by-side for comparison and trending.

    Voluson S10 – Connectivity

    Communication is of key importance for a good physician-patient relation. With Voluson S10, sharing the findings with patients and colleagues is easy and secure. Spend less time on data management and more time with patients.

    • Streamlined archiving and reporting: helps you archive patient data efficiently, and stay compliant with ever increasing patient data regulations through DICOM® connectivity. Compatible with many electronic medical records systems (EMR)
    • Text or email images to patients directly from the console, for an instant connection which enhances patient satisfaction
    • Securely share encrypted images and reports with referring physicians and colleagues from the console
    • USB and DVD export functionalities available

    One of our powerful ViewPoint™ ultrasound data management solutions helps you streamline your workflow, giving you more time for your patient. Efficient digital interfaces provide you with freedom and flexibility, and improve archiving of images, volumes and structured reports.

    Voluson S10 – HDlive for captivating and realistic images in 3D/4D

    While conventional ultrasound uses a fixed light source that reflects light off the skin surface, HDlive offers a movable virtual light source and calculates the propagation of light through skin and tissue.

    Freely position the light at any angle relative to the ultrasound volume to illuminate areas of interest with the trackball. Position the light source behind the acquired volume and you will present the effect of translucency.

    It can also help enrich clinician to patient communication, facilitating a more complete understanding of exam results and visual connection.

    Voluson S10 – Focus on what is really important

    Voluson S10 helps you keep focus on what matters: your patients. User-oriented innovations take over routine tasks to streamline your workflow so that you have more time for connecting to your patients.

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