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    GE Voluson P8

    Voluson™ P8 – Your introduction to the Voluson family with 3D/4D imaging

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    Streamlined imaging in OB/GYN

    An essential resource in delivering quality women’s healthcare is ultrasound. From exceptional image quality to the ease of use and streamlined ergonomics that helps drive efficient workflow, the Voluson™ Performance Series is a cost effective way to join the Voluson family and bring the benefits of high performance ultrasound to your patients. Delivering confident, efficient care across a range of applications including obstetrics and gynecology to labor & delivery, the Voluson Performance Series is well suited for practice growth and demanding patients, operating affordably and reliably for years to come.

    • Expert Imaging Performance begins with Voluson Core Architecture
    • Image smarter with increased power for easy acquisition and processing of advanced imaging formats and applications.
    • Simple, intuitive user interface and comfortable system design,
    • Useful assistance features for reduced routine flows.

    Voluson P8 – Advancing technology for effortless scanning

    Simply place the ultrasound probe to directly obtain the image information you need, without time-consuming modifications of settings. With the Voluson P8 system, you can acquire excellent clinical images across a broad range of patients, quickly and easily.

    • Export PDF reports with images and graphs at the touch of a button.
    • Advanced colour Doppler – For distinct imaging of adjoining vessels and flows.
    • Exceptional penetration with consistent image quality – Delivers reliable results even with difficult-to-image patients.
    • One-touch image optimisation – For fast and efficient imaging.

    Easy 3D imaging

    3D/4D imaging expands the spectrum of your diagnostic capabilities by providing additional anatomical perspective.

    • Obtain planes not attainable in 2D imaging – for more accurate assessment.
    • Analyse volume data during the examination or retrospectively after completion of the examination – for efficient patient management.
    • Various capabilities for processing of volume data and displaying in form of single or multiple planes or as rendered images.

    Voluson P8 – Streamline examinations with automation

    Automated tools help reduce keystrokes, provide consistency and simplify clinical decision-making:

    • SonoRenderlive – Simplifies volume rendering by automating render-line placement in 3D and 4D imaging.
    • SonoBiometrie – Performs semi-automated biometry measurements to help reduce keystrokes Measurements available: BPD, HC, AC, HL, and FL.

    Intuitive functions

    The Voluson Performance System is a sleek, lightweight system which slips easily into small spaces and enables fast, effortless scanning examinations.

    Scanning automation helps improve diagnostic confidence and speed so you can effortlessly manage even heavy schedules:

    • Auto optimisation of 2D and Doppler – Helps enhance contrast resolution of the 2D image and adapts Doppler settings to the prevailing flow conditions.

    Lightweight probes with wide field of view – – Choose from a broad range of probes of the latest ultrasound probe technology for routine and specialty applications.

    • Wide-sector abdominal and endocavitary probes display more anatomical information in a single image than with standard versions due to the wider angle of scanning.
    • Lightweight probe options for user and patient comfort.

    Intuitive keyboard design provides fast access to frequently used functions to help reduce examination times and limit arm and hand movements which can cause user fatigue.

    The 17-inch, flat-screen LCD monitor provides high-resolution visibility under all lighting conditions and moves independently of the console for optimal viewing angle and increased user comfort.

    Create simplified reporting and archiving

    • Create structured reports (1,st, 2nd and 3rd trimester, gynaecology) in just minutes.
    • Export PDF reports with images and graphs at the touch of a button.
    • Wireless connectivity for efficient, secure transmission of reports and images. Cleanly integrated peripheral devices including a software DVR for efficient documentation.

    Voluson P8: full probe list

    • 4C-RS
    • 12L-RS
    • IC9-RS
    • 3Sc-RS
    • RAB2-6-RS
    • RIC5-9A-RS
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