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    GE Voluson E8

    Voluson E8 – Advanced Features. Simplified Workflow.

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    Exceptional care can improve women’s lives and ensure better health for generations. Voluson E8 can help you stay at the forefront of innovation and deal with increasing patient volumes.

    The Voluson E8 ultrasound system is designed to keep pace with busy schedules, whether you are handling routine screening and examinations or focusing on your most complex cases.

    Leading-edge imaging with Radiance System Architecture is within your reach.
    Newly enhanced hardware and software gives you twice the processing power and six times more data*. *Compared to Voluson E8 BT15, an earlier model of the system

    • Advanced beamformer design – enhanced contrast resolution
    • High-performance CPU – faster processing speeds and frame rates
    • Parallel processing – improved image quality and frame rates

    The Radiance System Architecture of Voluson E8 gives you excellent image quality, both in 2D and in 3D/4D. Excellent doppler sensitivity and the ease of acquiring a clear image make examinations easier and allow you to focus on your patient.

    Voluson E8 gives you access to some of the most innovative technologies available. Automation algorithms and other ultra-modern features so far only seen on the premium system Voluson E10 are now within reach. With the excellent flexibility and efficiency of the system, you can:

    • Confidently acquire the images you need – even in case of highly complex pathologies.
    • Enhance workflow efficiency and productivity.
    • Further improve your diagnostic confidence thanks to great image quality.
    • Provide your patients with a broader performance spectrum.

    Voluson E8 – Answers you can Simply See

    The advanced rendering technologies of Voluson E8 simplify your workflow and generate impressive images with expanded clinical details – for confident diagnosis even in complex cases.

    With Voluson E8, you can have access to innovative technologies that offer you a new level of anatomical realism, diagnostic confidence, and accurate imaging.

    • Radiantflow™  – achieve a new standardof color doppler. Visualize blood flow quickly and accurately.
    • SlowflowHD™ – visualize blood perfusion easily thanks to expanded range of visible blood flow velocities.
    • HDlive™ Silhouette – take volume imaging to the next level. Control what tissue type is displayed internally and externaly Visualize vascular structures and surrounding tissues accurately. Adjust the image with various levels of border enhancement and through transmission.
    • HDlive™ Studio – Illuminate anatomy. Use up to three independent light sources of variable colour, intensity and direction to see even the tiniest of structures.
    • HDlive™ Flow – Display vascular structures with great depth perception and dimension.

    Advanced VCI – Select slice thickness of a reconstructed and extracted plane so that even curved or various-depth contours are acquired nearly completely. Can be applied in the acquisition plane (VCI-A), static 3D volumes or OmniView.

    OmniView – Display curved structures, such as endometrium or fetal spine, in form of a geometric view, without distorting the real dimensions. This valuable technology enables views of even irregularly shaped structures not attainable with 2D imaging.

    Voluson E8 – Intuitive operation and quicker workflow

    Contemporary ergonomic design

    • 23” high definition monitor with user-defined layout
    • 12.1” Touch Panel with multi-touch functionality
    • Quick and comfortable 1-button control panel up/down function for optimal positioning

    Simplified workflow

    • Auto TGC and menu navigation with cutting-edge swipe technology.
    • One touch responsiveness: the most frequently scan modes are directly available
    • Accurately transfer patient information using a barcode scanner
    • ViewPoint synchronisation for easy data exchange and reporting
    • 4 active probe ports with port illumination

    Fast and secure data management

    • Secure user management – unique user IDs for system access and tracking documentation
    • Integrated Software Digital Video Recorder (DVR) allows for USB recording
    • Directly export 3D print files in multiple formats
    • Archive, cooperate and exchange images and findings, using 3G or cloud-based connectivity

    Voluson E8 – Increase efficiency with automation

    Every minute counts. Easy-to-use automation and assistance features in Voluson help eliminate barriers and enhance your care.

    Scan Assistant – Enables individual pre-programming of any sequences, performs examination and measurement workflows, helping increase examination consistency. In addition to reduction of keystrokes, Scan Assistant also simplifies documenting and transferring of results to diagnosis and archiving systems, thereby increasing efficiency.

    SonoNT ™ (Sonography-based Nuchal Translucency) and SonoIT (Sonography-based Intracranial Translucency) – For semi-automatic, standardised and highly consistent measurements of the nuchal and intracranial translucencies in the first trimester. Both measurements are performed upon frame placement incredibly fast, fully automatically and with superb accuracy, with multiple distance information obtained simultaneously from various angles and correlation of results. SonoNT helps reduce the inter-observer and intra-observer variability which comes with manual measurements, and helps provide you with excellent reproducible measurement results.

    SonoVCAD™heart (Sonography-based Volume Computer Aided Display heart) –
    With manually set four-chamber view, identifies all standard planes, extracts them automatically from an echo volume, arranging them together with the four-chamber view on the monitor.

    SonoBiometry – Performs semi-automated biometry measurements (BPD, HC, AC, FL and HL) to help reduce keystrokes to the minimum.

    SonoCNS* is used for examination of fetal central nervous system (CNS) based on acquired 3D/4D ultrasound volume. This new tool from GE provides views in the following planes: transventricular (TV), transcerebellar (TC), transthalamic (TT) and median (MS). The required volume can be acquired, loaded from the archive or extracted from a 4DCine sequence.

    SonoAVC™ (Sonography-based Automated Volume Count) – Recognizes, marks and automatically counts the number and volume of hypoechoic structures, such as in the fetal brain, follicles or in gynecological sonohystograms. You can use SonoAVC™follicle and SonoAVC™antral to count the number of hypoechoic follicles and antral follicles, respectively.

    Voluson E8 – Benefit from XDclear(TM) Probe Technology

    Voluson E8 provides a suite of innovative probe and probe technologies. For examination, high frequency probes help bring clarity under even the toughest imaging conditions and in particularly small or complex structures.

    Voluson E8 is compatible with many existing Voluson probes, thereby securing your previous investments. With advanced system architecture, the new Voluson* delivers significantly enhanced clarity even when using such probes, through reduction of artifacts and disturbing image noise.

    • XDclear(TM) probes offer sharp imaging even with difficult to scan patients
    • C1-6 probe: penetration and robustness, even for challenging scans
    • C2-9 probe: high frequency imaging for fine details and 1st trimester scans
    • RAB6 probe: an ultra-light volume probe for easy acquisition of images
    • RIC5-9 probe: wide band micro convex endovaginal volume probe, equipped with wide sector technology
    • 9L probe: a wide-band, high frequency 2D linear abdominal probe
    • M5Sc probe: a phased array probe for fetal and maternal cardiac imaging
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