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    GE Voluson E10

    Voluson™ E10 –The Excellence you demand. The standards you set.

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    Voluson E10, a product of our Expert Series, is designed for advanced diagnostics in OB/GYN and perinatology, where complex cases are the rule, not the exception. Where you have to resolve difficult diagnostic questions on a daily basis. Where patients come to you for comprehensive information and advice.

    Voluson E10, in its latest version, is our most advanced and most powerful ultrasound system. The system’s innovative design and powerful capabilities simplify scanning and let you gather the information you need.

    • Overcome the diagnostic limitations of conventional imaging, gaining more information, clarity and speed,
    • Enhance efficiency, measurement accuracy and reproducibility with the Voluson automation features,
    • Securely exchange data of ultrasound images and findings with patients and colleagues,
    • Streamline workflows: ViewPoint helps you simplify your everyday work, from routine checkups to complex assessments.

    Voluson E10: Electronic 4D – simply extraordinary

    The Radiance System Architecture of Voluson E10, together with eM6C, the first commercially available curved matrix electronic 3D/4D probe, deliver excellent homogeneous spatial resolution with ultra-fast volume rates – a breakthrough, especially in 4D fetal echocardiography.

    • Bi-Plane imaging – Provides simultaneous display of high resolution, high frame rate images in two perpendicular planes. This technology can be used in 2D and color Doppler. Clinical use: Spine, palate, heart, brain, limbs and procedures including amniocentesis, percutaneous umbilical cord blood sampling (PUBS), chorionic villus sampling(CVS), confirmation of perpendicular (i.e. NT, fetal heart), viewing potential obstructions during interventional procedures.
    • VCI-A (Volume Contrast Imaging) – Delivers excellent contrast resolution through thick slice volume of greyscale and color Doppler images. With a 23% increase in frame rates, VCI-A can be used in standard mode*. Clinical use: Fetal brain sutures, extremities, spine, palate, soft tissue, heart in anyplane, as well as added contrast resolution in soft tissue, brain, heart, etc. * As compared to BT15
    • eSTIC (Spatio-Temporal Image Correction) – enhances fetal cardiac exams with up to 75% reduction in acquisition time over traditional STIC.
      Reduced artifact from fetal movement and improved B & C plane. Acquisition time reduced from 12 s to 1.3s. Clinical use: Fetal heart, Evaluating anatomy, pathology and physiology in 3 dimensions.
    • e4D SnapShot – Seamlessly and quickly capture high quality 3D or eSTIC volumes without interruption in workflow
      •SnapShotoptimizes exam time with one button access from real-time 4D to acquire high resolution images
      •With SnapShotfunction, reduce keystrokes more than 80% when moving from real-time 4D to eSTIC or 3D rendering**
      •Overall reduces acquisition time by 67%*** **Comparison performed using GE’s eM6C probe and GE’s RAB6-D probe.
      ***Reduction in 3D snapshot time BT20 vs BT17.

    Voluson e4D Images

    The Voluson e4D technology delivers ultra-fast volume rates, flexible imaging formats and excellent resolution from routine OB examinations to complex fetal echocardiography.

    Voluson E10 – Radiance System Architecture

    Sets new standards in ultrasound scanning and rendering technologies with its sophisticated beam formation and powerful processing.

    More clarity

    4x, parallel echo processing for extremely low-noise and impressively realistic 2D and 3D/4D images.

    More speed

    10x the data transfer rate for higher resolution and very fast image frequencies.

    More flexibility

    4x the processing power for advanced applications and efficient workflow.

    Radiance System Architecture

    The Radiance System Architecture of the Voluson E10 delivers extraordinary gains in image quality, details and new rendering shapes due to its precise signal resolution.

    Focus on the quality of care with Voluson E10

    • Extraordinary confidence in your ability to answer all ultrasound-related questions in women’s health issues,
    • Enhancement of sensitivity and specificity, in particular in early-stage fetal health assessment,
    • Reduction and simplification, especially for standard examinations in order to optimise the workflow efficiency,
    • Ensuring high quality level for your surgery or clinic.

    Voluson E10: Your Vision. New Perspectives

    More detail. More clarity. Less time and effort.

    The Voluson E10 system’s new rendering technologies provide you with the best image quality you have ever seen from a Voluson – in a split of the time needed so far.


    Slowflow HD

    With this new Doppler technology, you can visualise vessels with extremely low level of flow in a very good spatial resolution.


    HDlive – Easily obtain volume images with unprecedented depth and clarity using the HDlive™ technology suite—an essential problem-solving tool.

    HDlive™ Silhouette – Volume imaging is taken to the next level with the ability to control what tissue type is displayed internally vs. externally.

    HDlive™ Studio – Illuminate anatomy and surrounding fluid with up to three independent light sources with various intensity and hues.

    HDlive™ Flow – Vascular structures are displayed with greater depth perception and dimension.

    HDlive™ Flow Silhouette – Visualize vascular structures along with surrounding tissues with various levels of border enhancement and through transmission.


    GE’s proven “Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI)” algorithm minimises artificial graininess, typical for ultrasound cross-sectional imaging, enabling the most finely graduated tissue presentation, similar to MRT, with excellent recognisability of slight grey scale differences.

    Volume SRI (V-SRI) – Reduce speckling by utilizing volume/voxels versus traditional single slice imaging with Volume Speckle Reduction Imaging to improve 3D/4D quality in multi-planar studies and to enhance smoothing effect on rendered images.

    Advanced VCI

    Advanced VCI – Adjusts slice thickness on 3D or 4D images to help enhance contrast resolution with use of render techniques such as bone and tissue renderings. Can be applied in the acquisition plane (VCI-A), static 3D volumes, or OmniView


    OmniView – Obtain any plane from a 3D or 4D volume by simply drawing a line, curve, poly-line or trace through a structure. This valuable technology enables views of even irregularly shaped structures not attainable in 2D imaging


    This valuable feature supports you with placement of the render line for surface rendering with reduced artifacts. SonoRenderStart automatically searches for the impedance jump between the fetal surface and the amniotic fluid, nearly entirely eliminating all echo structures proximal to this interface.

    SonoRenderlive continuously updates render line placement with fetal movement during 4D examinations.

    Voluson E10 – Your workflow in focus

    Innovations for greater comfort of examination

    Maximise efficiency with modern ergonomic design

    • Cutting-edge monitor technology: high resolution, wide-screen with phenomenal contrast in OLED technology (Organic Light Emission Diode)
    • The monitor features a large clipboard and standard/ XL image formatting
    • Large 12.1-inch touch panel with Voluson xTouch functionality
    • Quick and comfortable 1-button control panel up/down function for optimal positioning

    Simplified workflow

    • Electronic TGC and efficient menu navigation with cutting-edge swipe technology
    • Accurately transfer patient information using a barcode scanner
    • ViewPoint synchronisation for easy data exchange and reporting
    • Four active probe ports with port illumination

    Fast and secure data management for efficient communication

    • Secure user management – unique user IDs for system access and tracking documentation
    • Integrated Software Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and USB recording
    • Directly export 3D print files in multiple formats
    • Archive, copy and export images through 3G or cloud-based connectivity

    Voluson E10 – Gain efficiency with automation

    Your growing workload requires reduction of the time needed for ultrasound diagnostics. Easy-to-use automation and assistance features help streamline examination schedules and enhance the precision and consistency of measurements and analyses.

    SonoBiometry – Performs semi-automated biometry measurements (BPD, HC, AC, FL and HL) to help reduce keystrokes to the minimum.

    SonoNT (Sonography-based Nuchal Translucency) and SonoIT (Sonography-based Intracranial Translucency) – for semi-automatic, standardised and highly consistent measurements of the nuchal and intracranial translucencies in the first trimester. Both tools can be integrated easily into your workflow. SonoNT helps reduce the inter-observer and intra-observer variability that comes with manual measurements, and helps provide you with excellent reproducible measurement results.

    SonoVCAD heart (Sonography-based Volume Computer Aided Display heart) – With manually set four-chamber view, identifies all standard planes, extracts them automatically from echo volume, arranging them together with the four-chamber view on the monitor.

    SonoAVC general (Sonography-based Automated Volume Count general) – Recognises, marks and automatically counts the number and volume of hypoechoic structures, such as the fetal brain, kidneys and gynecological sonohystograms.

    Scan Assistant – Enables individual pre-programming of any sequences, performs examination and measurement workflows, helping increase examination consistency. In addition to reduction of keystrokes, Scan Assistant also simplifies documenting and transferring of results to diagnosis and archiving systems, thereby increasing efficiency.

    SonoCNS is used for examination of fetal central nervous system (CNS) based on acquired 3D/4D ultrasound volume. This new tool from GE provides views in the following planes: transventricular (TV), transcerebellar (TC), transthalamic (TT) and median (MS). The required volume can be acquired, loaded from the archive or extracted from a 4DCine sequence.

    Voluson E10 – Flexible displaying. Reliable findings.

    Early information. Early intervention.

    With dedicated applications and features as well as superb image quality, the Voluson E10 system supports your efforts towards confident health assessment and accompanies your patient throughout her pregnancy. From 1st trimester screening to fetal echo cardiac assessments the system gives you detailed information which helps you detect and diagnose problems early so you can intervene sooner.

    New imaging technologies in Voluson E10

    The new imaging technologies in Voluson E10 improve the ability to recognise and to accurately assess pathologies in the inner genital area. This is supported by the particularly fine grey scale gradation of the new Radiance Architecture combined with the GE-innovation “Speckle Reduction Imaging.”

    The quality-enhancing innovations are also of use in assisted reproductive medicine, in particular due to improved contrast, as a result of considerably increased spatial resolution.

    Voluson E10 probes – Flexibility and clarity

    See with impressive clarity,acquiring and displaying details with the latest probe technology. The Voluson E10 supports a wide suite of various probes to optimally meet all conceivable requirements as needed. Existing probes of previous model ranges also benefit from the advantages of the Radiance Architecture.

    Matrix Probes

    • eM6C G2 probe – Volume rates up to 29 times higher than those with mechanical probe technology*, 15% Weight Reduction (370g) over previous version**SnapShotfunction can reduce keystrokes more than 80%** Comparison performed using VE10 and eM6C probe BT18 and VE10 and mechanical RAB6 probe BT20 ** Comparison performed using GE’s eM6C probe and GE’s RAB6-D probe.
    • RM6C – Wide Band Convex Volume Transducer with active Matrix Array Technology for high resolution imaging

    Specialty probes

    • C1-6-D – Penetration and robustness covering wide range of patients, even the more challenging scans
    • RIC5-9-D – 4D probe: Wide band micro convex endovaginal volume probe, equipped with wide sector technology

    High Resolution Probe Technology

    • 9L-Probe – Wide-band, high frequency 2D linear abdominal probe helps provide high quality images in the 1st trimester
    • RIC6-12-Probe – High resolution 4D endovaginal probe that helps visualize fine details early in the 1st trimester and in gynecology exams.

    Voluson E10 – Connectivity

    Data exchange – simple and secure

    Keeping pace with the world’s growing digitalisation, Voluson E10 provides cutting-edge communication technologies for digital connection with image archiving systems and for fast data exchange with referring physicians, colleagues and patients. Data security and protection of privacy are warranted by high security standards.

    • Patients’ data is protected by freely configurable, user-specific access restrictions. Appropriate access authorisations are required for logging in.
    • Patients’ data is transferred with a barcode scanner.
    • Optimise communication with referring physicians and patients through direct export of images and reports via Tricefy*, USB, LAN or 3G.

    With ViewPoint, our powerful and widely used ultrasound diagnosis and data management system, you can further optimise your workflow. In addition to special solutions, such as risk assessment when chromosomal aberrations are suspected, ViewPoint provides structured diagnosis assistance as well as various data communication and archiving capabilities.

    • Manage patient appointments
    • Transfer patient information and image/measurement data with seamless Voluson/ViewPoint synchronisation
    • Process 2D images and volume sets for retrospective analysis and diagnosis
    • Process reports on the findings
    • Data exchange with central IT systems, such as PACS, etc.
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