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    GE Logiq S8 XDCLEAR

    GE Healthcare
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    LOGIQ S8 XDclear 2.0 – Excellent imaging

    XDclear, the quality-enhancing innovation from our LOGIQ E9 technology, now also implemented in the compact LOGIQ S8. In combination with other leading developments, the system provides excellent imaging quality for a wide range of various diagnostic needs.

    • Enhanced B-Flow Imaging – for realistic hemodynamic visualization in the highest-possible spatial resolution and without the typical Doppler artifacts
    • Greater portability, reduced space requirement and extended battery life make it easy to move from location to location to scan for up to one hour
    • Wider range of applications in shared services sector
    • Integrated education programmes for easy training

    LOGIQ S8 XDclear 2.0 – Simplified workflow

    High-definition wide-screen monitor

    This portable system easily manoeuvres in tight spaces, making it well-suited even for tightly dimensioned positioning areas. Helpful assistant functions and practical usability help simplify and reduce the workflow burden. These include the transparent and intuitive control panel, the large touchscreen and built-in automation tools.

    • Automated measurement and optimisation tools
    • Productivity packages
    • Uninterrupted power supply
    • Scan Assistant
    • Compare Assistant
    • GE raw data processing
    • My Trainer

    LOGIQ S8 XDclear 2.0 – Scalable to your needs

    The LOGIQ S8 XDclear 2.0 system provides access to a wide range of optional clinical tools for challenging detailed ultrasound.

    The LOGIQ S8 XDclear 2.0 can be adapted to your individual needs and new challenges at any time. Tailor the system to your practice, with our selection of flexible hardware and software is completed by tailored, service and financial solutions, and individual training opportunities.

    2D Shear Wave Elastography

    Provides quantitative measures of tissue elasticity and color-coded elastograms to assist doctors in diagnostic decisions for both deep and superficial applications.

    Contrast Enhanced Imaging (CEUS)

    Optimised contrast agent specific waveforms to enhance the doctor’s ability to detect and characterise lesions including advanced quantiœfication tools, such as time intensity curve and parametric imaging.

    Volume Navigation

    Sophisticated tools to enhance localisation speed and accuracy for multimodal imaging.
    Needle tracking technology and 2D/3D-GPS markers help improve confidence and efficacy in treatment planning and guidance.

    Designed for usability

    The 10.1” flat-panel monitor with a touch-screen supports ease of disinfection. The reduce space requirement of the system eases navigation even in tight spaces.

    LOGIQ S8 XDclear 2.0 – Areas of application

    • Radiology
    • Orthopedics / rheumatology
    • Vascular diagnostics
    • Interventional ultrasound
    • Pediatrics
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