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    GE Logiq P7/P9

    LOGIQ P7- Make it easy

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    Easy operation: one of the most important requirements for technical devices

    LOGIQ P7 convinces with its user-friendly and simple interface design. Both factors contribute to significant simplicity and shorten the diagnostic workflow. Moreover, you can adapt the user interface and workflow to your individual requirements, receiving a tailored and customised configuration of the ultrasound system.

    LOGIQ P7 makes it easy for you,

    • To operate a versatile and quality-demanding system with confidence,
    • To acquire meaningful images quickly and without excessive effort on operation,
    • To directly access special software and analyses.

    Whether the necessity is immediate triage or a comprehensive examination, you can rely on the budget-friendly LOGIQ P7 system to provide valid and consistent image quality, comprehensive application coverage, and ease of use which enable doctors to make timely, confident decisions.

    LOGIQ P7 – To help you customise your workflow

    The key to the system’s outstanding simplicity is the intuitive functionality of the simply designed console controls and a personalised digital user interface called My Page. My Page enables you to customise the user interface to your workflow preferences and populate the large touch screen with use case presets you designate. The variable controls include features such as:

    • Measurements
    • Body patterns
    • Comments
    • Image processing methods

    With My Page, there are no extra controls to slow you down and absorb your attention. Simply log in, select the appropriate examination type, and you are ready to begin scanning. Additional user-defined keys help you quickly access most often used features. Easy to learn and use, the LOGIQ P7 supports high efficiency for busy schedules without compromising quality.

    LOGIQ P7 – Patient-centric for excellent care

    With its innovative concept based on the latest technical progress, the LOGIQ P7 supports your diagnostic confidence across a wide range of patient examinations.

    Confident diagnosis

    • Excellent image quality with minimal tweaking required
    • Superb spatial resolution and excellent contrast even among structures of similar echogenicity.

    Wide application spectrum

    • Wide selection of high quality standard and specialty probes for examination coverage including abdominal, cardiac, vascular, musculoskeletal, thyroid and other small parts, genitourinary and OB/GYN imaging.

    Advanced image processing

    • Enrich your examinations with innovative methods, such as B-Flow™, 3D/4D, STIC/OmniView, Elastography, Stress Echo, TVI/TVD, Cardiac Strain and simultaneous display for urology.
    • LOGIQ P7 is equipped with the Pinpoint™ GT-Needle Guidance Technology, which supports you with greater control over needle placement. In a study, doctors experienced improvement in needle placement accuracy by 51% and reduced non-productive needle puncture by 71% as compared to conventional ultrasound needle guidance.
    • Enhanced B-Steer+ for real-time needle guidance.

    LOGIQ P7 – A smart choice for usability and investment value

    The LOGIQ P7 system easily adjusts to your working style, preferences and variable requirements throughout your workday.

    Designed for user comfort and easy workflow

    • Large 21.5-inch monitor and accessible 10.4-inch touchscreen.
    • Simple operating panel design with fewer physical keys.
    • Fully articulating monitor arm.
    • Compact design to accommodate operation in small spaces, providing enhanced mobility including wireless LAN and Power Assistant battery operation.
    • Innovative digital TGC and digital keyboard.
    • External battery enables up to one hour of scanning.

    Reduced examination duration, increased efficiency

    • Automated tools help provide fast examinations including Auto Image Optimisation, Auto IMT, AutoEF, Measure Assistant, Compare Assistant and Scan Assistant.
    • Several probes are equipped with pre-programmed functionality at your fingertips, without accessing the touch panel, to help expedite workflow and maintain a sterile environment.

    Easy access to support material

    • My Trainer, an on-board training module, supports less experienced users for a correct examination workflow.
    • The LOGIQ Club website provides versatile information regarding the LOGIQ systems and currently available further education.
    • Service agreement options are available, including remote service capabilities with remote system diagnostics, remote maintenance and remote software downloads.

    Data migration

    • Migrate and review clinical images on an external screen, regardless of ultrasound system manufacturer, make and model – supported by DICOM®.

    LOGIQ P7 – Patient-related imaging

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