Equipment selection

If you don’t know what equipment you need yet?
How should you select it? What do you need to pay attention to and what do you need to know?

We know the answers to all these questions. We know how to choose the right diagnostic equipment and how to get the best offer.

The cost of the service for the selection and search of equipment is:
✔ MRI 10,000.00 Euro
✔ CT 5 000.00 Euro
✔ Ultrasound 2 500.00 Euro

This cost includes full market analytics, equipment evaluation.
Receive system inspection reports.
Risk assessment
Help in organizing a purchase.

We will save you time and money.
By paying us, you will protect yourself from hidden fees, high prices and wasted time.
We are the ones you needed for so long.

We value your time and your money.

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