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    The landmark in 1.5T: Always secure, always ahead.

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    MAGNETOM® Avanto, A Tim+Dot System is the landmark in 1.5T imaging due to Tim technology® in combination with a dramatic reduction in acoustic noise, and a comprehensive application range up to 205 cm whole-body imaging. With the integration of Dot®, the power of Tim is multiplied resulting in greater image consistency and diagnostic confidence, greater ease-of-use, and a day that’s more productive than ever before.

    Tim+Dot integrated

    Tim+Dot are the direct response to today’s demanding world of healthcare economics. Tim is Siemens’ ultimate innovation technology that unlocks imaging power like never before. Dot helps take the complexity out of MRI. And at the same time it enables up to 50%2 higher productivity.


    Select exams, not coils. Tim is adaptable, versatile, and easy. For faster exams and greater diagnostic confidence. Improving workflow and increasing productivit


    Dot allows for uniquely tailored, optimized scans adaptable to the patient or clinical question, and according to the standards of care


    Local and total. With extreme, pinpointed precision, Tim delivers excellent image quality – from small lesions to the whole body.


    Dot provides step-by-step user guidance for greater efficiency, excellent image quality, and consistency


    Time is precious. Tim speed means faster and simpler exam set-up, and a dramatically shorter acquisition time. Now patient volume – and daily productivity – can really soa


    With intelligent workflows customized to the standards, Dot delivers a degree of automation that takes efficiency to a whole new level.

    The landmark in technology.

    MAGNETOM Avanto provides excellent image quality.In addition to short scan times and ease-of-use. The scanner offers leading magnet and gradient technology. And these are combined with revolutionary image acquisition techniques. The outcomes are outstanding clinical benefits:

    • High diagnostic confidence due toexceptional magnet homogeneityfor excellent fat saturation
    • Large 50 cm Field-of-View
    • Strong gradients for high resolution and short scan times
    • Siemens-unique TimCT technology with Continuous Table movement for CT-like scanning


    MAGNETOM Avanto’s AudioComfortlowers sound-related irritation for thepatient. Special casting for gradient coils. Effective magnet suspension. Unique MR sequence design. All these factors are combined to reduce sound pressure by up to 97%2.

    More Accessibility

    MAGNETOM Avanto has an appealing design. It has a low-to-the-floor table position of just 47 cm (18 inches). Making it accessible for a wide range of patients. For claustrophobic patients, MAGNETOM Avanto enables feet-first exams. For nearly all MRI procedures. For obese patients, it supports up to 250 kg (550 lbs). Without any table movement restrictions.

    The landmark in applications.

    MAGNETOM Avanto helps to diagnose extremely challenging diseases. With a high level of confidence.It facilitates the evaluation of complex pathologies.And difficult patients are simply easier to handle.

    In each clinical field, Siemens syngo® MR applications, powered by Tim+Dot,are helping to create the future of MRI.

    Head, cardiac, knee, abdomen … MAGNETOM Avanto offers a high level of flexibility. With innovative applications for each part of the body. And Tim seamlessly scans up to 205 cm without patient or coil repositioning. For true whole-body functionality

    The landmark in 1.5T: Always secure, always ahead.

    MAGNETOM Avanto with Tim+Dot helps leading healthcare institutions develop new approaches to clinical care. Tim is proven by more than 6,000 installations worldwide. With Tim, MRI moved to the next level. And now, Dot is available as the next movement in MRI. Consequently MAGNETOM Avanto helps give customers security. The security of knowing that they can move a step forward. Today, and foryears to come.

    A clinical perspective.

    Continuously evaluating and well addressing customers’ clinical needs. This is what puts Siemens at the forefront of innovation in the field of MRI. And it is the only way to help customers stay secure and ahead with their investment. And to make sure patients benefit most in the end. MAGNETOM Avanto has both the power of Tim+Dot and the simplicity of syngo. This streamlines MRI examinations. From ordering through planning, performing exams, processing, reporting, and distribution. MAGNETOM Avanto offers exceptional magnet homogeneity for excellent fat saturation. Just what is needed to excel, for example, in cardiac MRI. Its up to 50 cm Field-of-View offers a superior view of pathologies. With high gradient power, MAGNETOM Avanto delivers high resolution. And, at the same time, short scan times. Tim’s broad range of dedicated applications means increased consistency. For faster and more reliable diagnoses.

    MAGNETOM Avanto, now with Dot. Significant workflow innovations help make every exam easier. With fast and consistent adaptation to both patient condition and the clinical question. Even when conditions change. syngo Inline Technology allows certain processing steps during image reconstruction. They are immediately displayed after completion. The result: Processing instead of postprocessing. AutoAlign facilitates reproducible slice positioning, e.g. in head or knee. No manual adjustments needed. This maximizes standardization and comparability in follow-up examinations. With the seamless integration to syngo.via not only the workflow right at the scanner will be further improved. But also the workflows beyond.These harmonized imaging assets allow reproducible follow-up examinations. And they provide broadness in options and depth in possibilities. To well address the clinical perspective. In short: A Siemens solution

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