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    Paving the way to the future

    Revolution™ EVO Gen 3 defies time by helping you surpass your day-to-day challenges at every step of the care cycle

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    Paving the way to the future

    Revolution™ EVO Gen 3 defies time by helping you surpass your day-to-day challenges at every step of the care cycle

    The challenge
    Optimize time of teams and patients, as well as calculate the right radiation dose for the right patient while delivering the right image quality.

    ASiR™ or ASiR-V*™1,
    ASiR™, the world’s most-used iterative reconstruction (IR) method, and ASiR-V*, the next generation of GE iterative reconstruction technique, allow you to routinely lower the exam dose while preserving or even enhancing diagnostic value.

    150+ Patient-size adjusted, dose optimized protocols (UW)
    Designed, developed and validated by experts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, for GE scanners for both adults and pediatrics.

    2 400 000+ exams collected with DoseWatch Explore* 
    Web-based, cloud-deployed solution to track, analyze and report practice-level dose data. Getting started with dose management has never been easier.

    The challenge
    Obtain fast, high-quality images and avoid patient and staff disruptions.

    0.28 mm spatial resolution 
    High resolution, low-contrast detectability, and less noise and/or artifacts are crucial to clinical imaging. The newly developed Clarity imaging chain holds enormous potential to enable high resolution imaging for your daily routine.

    >1 min can be saved per exam
    Hands-free workflow so you can spend more time with your patient. One-stop scanning mode on the Xtream Display allows scan start in as few as five touches.

    Tube Watch
    Remote monitoring 24/7 and fixes at a more convenient time. It allows proactive part delivery and service scheduling to help maximize uptime by getting the scanner restored quickly. 

    The challenge
    Deliver rapid, accurate, precise and confident diagnosis.

    Smart MAR*
    Designed to reveal anatomic details obscured by metal artifacts, helping you utilize CT scans and diagnose disease with greater confidence.

    Smart Cardiac technologies* 
    Set up and perform complex cardiac procedures quickly, reliably, and repeatedly. Intelligent Motion Correction Snapshot Freeze2  is designed to reduce blurring artifacts due to motion in coronary vessels. 

    CT post-processing powered by AW*
    Clinicians using VolumeShare 7 reduced the reading time by approximately 20%3 which enhanced productivity and efficiency in diagnosing patients.

    Intelligent solutions to help you transform your workflow tangle into a streamlined pathway enabling you to focus on the most important, your patients.

    Tube Watch

    Reduce disruptions. Enhance care.

    Keeping your hospital systems up and running is critical to your ability to deliver efficient, high-quality patient care. Tube Watch is GE Healthcare’s predictive monitoring solution for CT scanners that can help predict an impending tube failure, enabling tube replacement at a more convenient time.

    • Monitor: Real time representation of the working condition of a system’s components. This means, it remotely monitors and analyzes tube health trends over time, and any indications of change in performance.
    • Predict: The estimated failure date with high accuracy and help you make a determination whether or not to proactively replace the X-ray tube.
    • Repair: Run an in-depth assessment and, if needed, will schedule on-site maintenance at a time that is most convenient for the facility.
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