Now I want to talk exactly about that. Despite the world crisis, which was caused by an epidemic, difficulties, and worldwide hype around CAT.

Siemens Magnetom Free
Siemens Magnetom Free

Siemens presents a brand new technology, an absolutely new product, which can change the world of MRI scanners. This was my opinion after the presentation of Siemens Magnetom Free. Max. The first closed MRI with an 80 cm tunnel, which contains only 1 liter of liquid helium, in which there is no cold head (now there will be no noise that could frighten the patient) and other bulky and expensive components. “Quench”, which was feared by both suppliers and customers, is not scary anymore.

Repair will become easier and more affordable, training will become uncomplicated through the use of artificial intelligence technology, which also allows diagnostics and image reconstruction to be performed at a fairly high level, while also reducing the time. Further, one of the important arguments will be the requirements for power grids, since the magnetic field strength is only 0.55T, and the requirements will accordingly be lower in comparison with MRI 1T and higher. A closed loop MRI with a diameter of 80 cm helps a lot in solving problems that have been associated with claustrophobia in patients.

I think that the highest demand for this system will be in the USA.
In my opinion the most global problem, which the market and consumers may face – is the price. Taking into account the technologies used, the novelty of the equipment and the development costs. I suppose that this magnet will be structurally different in comparison with what Siemens is producing today.

I was delighted that Siemens made a new system and was actively working on the development of new technologies. But, based on my experience, I assume that the consumer will meet this model rather coldly, and it will take several years for this system to be highly competitive, low-field MRI and establish itself as the leader in this segment.

After all, I believe that this model was presented because of competing with low-field MRI. Despite all the technologies and other positive factors, this system will be quite difficult to compete with high-field systems.
All we have to do is just wait for the system to appear on the market, and to receive all the relevant certificates. After that, we’ll see if I was right or extremely mistaken.

Thank you for taking your time to read this article.

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