Dear All
We want to remind everyone that you can purchase new Elekta linear Accelerators from our company, the delivery includes: preparation of a floor plan, delivery, installation, calibration, warranty and service.

In addition, we have used linear accelerators Varian TrueBeam, iX, Trilogy, and others.
We will deliver and install the system in any corner of our planet, the main thing is that the site meets the requirements.
Today, the Linear Accelerator is a necessity for modern and progressive centers. Purchasing a linear accelerator has a number of advantages, both clinical and financial. The modern linear accelerator has optimized dimensions, reduced radiation exposure, lower resource consumption, high-precision and optimized dosometry, which allows you to perform therapy with the utmost accuracy, minimizing damage to healthy tissues, but what is also important for private business is the reduced cost of systems with high quality therapy and readiness dealing with a large volume of patients.
We look forward to your inquiries and orders!
Also a reminder that follow our announcements ahead there will be a lot of interesting things.
We continue to work on how to make the healthcare sector better.
Best Regards
Vital Medical Company

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