Dear All
We would like to remind you about our mobile solutions.
We have already said that here you can find different solutions for your business, these are not just MRI, CT, PET / CT and services for these systems such as installation, system customization, maintenance, but also mobile solutions.
Mobile solutions are effective for businesses of any size, whether it is a huge medical center that needs another system and no space available, or you are a small start-up developing medical center in a small town, there is a solution for everyone. Our company is constantly working on this, so that our solutions are the best solutions for your business and healthcare.
Also in mobile solutions from our company there are ultrasound rooms, a therapist’s office and much more. Our module is made in accordance with all requirements and your request, you can order an individual design, complete it as you want.
It is also possible to work with completely autonomous modules.
Our modules are:
1. Fast
2. Profitable
3. Available
For all other questions, please contact us, our employees will be happy to help you.
We are waiting for your requests
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