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We have already talked about linear accelerators, but I would like to return to the topic of PET / CT, since we have a lot of experience with these systems, and we know a lot about these systems. Also, two years ago we wrote about the growing demand for this type of equipment, and during this time our forecast not only met our expectations, but even exceeded them.

Used PET/CT is becoming more affordable, the number of spare parts and specialists who can work with these systems is increasing, and the number of medical centers interested in this type of equipment is also increasing. So now
You can always order used PET/CT PHILIP, GE, Siemens from us. Some systems are available, but in any case, our team can supply any system you are interested in under the order. In addition, a system recovery and installation service is also available.
But the most common problem that arises in projects of this kind is the radiopharmacy of the drug, a small number of specialists in this field, and few specialists working with cyclotrons, this is what very often stops many customers. But you know what we will tell you, with us this may not stop you, with us you can get a complete turnkey solution along with the supply of a cyclotron, and have your own laboratory covering a number of other PET systems in your area.

We will write about the supply of cyclotrons by our company a little later.

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